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S uggestion For chameleon dating software

Tue Feb 02, 2021 4:23 pm

The script is 100% the best i have seen but it's missing a few things.

why not make a template like the big website muzmatch , tinder , single Muslim which as good display easy option layout witch are Asian website agin different audience and region site

if you can make templates and sale them as addon so the user can buy them witch the like why because if user have to make template like them website its cost a lot of money so if you make them then sale them as addon its give ever 1 low-cost template the can buy same time giving you what you work on template much more benefit in return

example of a single Muslim website just to make a point but be nice to have a template like this

1: Template does Not focus on design much display layout and easy to move the site
A: have look at a site like singe Muslim look at their layout design from signup to app design to a site run
1:Sginup page so easy to run design looks aprt
2:Sginup pages look easy to move about with easy to see the option
3: Signup page option looks cool easy to use user friendly that makes the app look apart

4:after After login app looks easy to move about
5:App design made so its easy to run with a footer for menu and heder for sub-menu option
6:user profile user click on the open in its own window where user can close the window and he stays on the same page where he lift off

check the link below for some photo of the app


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