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Free Member/Paid Member

Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:26 pm

Free Member Add-on Option:

1:Free Member can only see exp(20/30 profile) witch the admin can set how many profiles free member can view in 24 hours >>or set after how many hours a user can view profile agin>>but it's all so show the user the time lift till the can see more profile>>>Paid member don't have any time set the can view much has the can

2:Free Member can only chat with other member-only if both matches each other if they don't match each other or like then the cant chat /paid member can chat to any number user >>but admin most have the option to set how many in day paid user can send chat request we don't want paid user going around send message to 1000 users day need to keep clean to

all this option do give more option to the paid member but same time the free member can benefit and its show your site is free to ever one but with limited

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